Our terms of business

Stage 1: Free Telephone Consultation

We provide free telephone consultation, it will be an informal discussion so that we can understand more about you and your business and purpose of business plan. During this process, we are expected to ask lots of questions, this is only for the purpose of having a clear understanding of the work. We do not want to create any hassle or inconvenience. We are a professional company, and do not hard sell or do any sales pitches.

Stage 2: Signing of Agreement and Deposit

We will send you an agreement with our terms and conditions, and scope of work. At this stage, we will ask for a minimum deposit of £500 or 50% of the agreed fee to start the work and draw a business plan questionnaire to understand more about your requirement.

Stage 3: Sending Questionnaire for Information

Once we’ve received the signed terms and conditions and deposit amount, we will start preparing a concise questionnaire which will be emailed to you within 5-7 working days.

Stage 4: Draft Business Plan

Once we have received the completed questionnaire, It can take between 1-2 weeks to complete the draft business plan, depending on the complexity of the plan, the degree of information already provided and what additional details we need from you. The draft business plan will be emailed to you for finalization or any amendments.

Stage 5: Finalizing Business Plan

Once we have sent over the draft business plan, you have 7 days to review and email back any specific amendments. We will then incorporate any amendments in to the business plan, and once the remaining balance has been paid, you will receive both a Word document and pdf version of the business plan, the financial forecasts and appendices – including any additional information.

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